Havildar Govind Mahadik

Govind Mahadik (1917 – 1943), son of Taibai and husband of Gangabai, was a soldier of the Havildar grade (Service No. 7005) in the 1st Battalion of the 5th Mahratta Light Infantry Regiment of the Indian Army (British Army before Independence) and he died in battle on 25 November, 1943 at a young age of 26 years during World War II defending the Adriatic shoreline near the Sangro River in Italy against the retreating German soldiers who were holding on to their winter defensive position known as the Gustav Line. His mortal remains were committed to fire and his name engraved on the Sangro River Cremation Memorial (Column 7) in Italy along with the names of 516 other brave fallen Indian soldiers!

Cemetery address: Contrada Sentinelle s.n. – 66020, Commune of Torino di Sangro, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy

GPS co-ordinates: Latitude: 42.218406, Longitude: 14.535594

[flexiblemap center=”42.218406,14.535594″ width=”480px” height=”360px” zoom=”16″ title=”Sangro River War Memorial” description=”Contrada Sentinelle s.n. – 66020, Torino di Sangro (CH), Abruzzo, Italy” region=”it” maptype=”hybrid” directions=”true”]


Havildar Govind Mahadik’s Page on The War Graves Photographic Project website

Sangro River War Cemetery Details on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website

Information on the Sangro River War Cemetery and Cremation Memorial

Military Record of Havildar Govind Mahadik on the Forces War Records website

Photos courtesy:

Steve Rogers, The War Graves Photographic Project, www.twgpp.org

Steve Rogers of The War Graves Photographic Project


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